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Amoda Manicure £25.00 Book now

File and shape, cuticle work, hand and arm massage and polish (regular- not gel) from luxury Artistic Colour Revolution range. 


Amoda Deluxe Manicure £30.00 Book now

A real treat to soothe the hands. Includes file & cuticle work, exfoliation & mask with heated mitts for super soft hands. Finished with a nail colour of your choice (regular polish- not gel) from luxury Artistic Colour Revolution range.


File and Polish Manicure £15.00 Book now

Quick and simple tidy up and new polish (regular- not gel) from luxury Artistic Colour Revolution range.


Artistic Gel Manicure £34.00 (includes soak off) Book now

A wide range of colours available- over 100. Includes nail trim and file, cuticle work, buffing, nail prep and 6 step gel polish application including a glossing gel to give maximum shine and lasting finish. Finished off with a hand and lower arm massage encouraging relaxation, lymphatic drainage and tension release. 

Includes a soak off of gel if applied by us. Please note- we do not soak off nails that haven’t been done at Amoda beauty, this includes acrylic.

Correction Gel Strengthener can also be added to correct imperfections and promote healing and growth for a £2 add-on charge.

Artistic Gel Manicure with Nail Art £37.00 (includes soak off) Book now


Gel Overlay with Gel Colour Finish £35  Book now

An overlay of strengthening (but soak off) gel to the natural nails. Improves the strength of your own nails and help with growth. 

Gel Polish Removal: £15 Book now

Carefully removal of our gel polish, soaking to avoid damage to the nail. Includes tidy and clear nail polish. 


IBX Repair System £7.00 Book now

Strengthens nails and helps them to grow. It uses conditioning monomers (molecules that bond together) to penetrate the nail plate under gentle heat. It strengthens the natural nail by filling in gaps and ridges and provides a protective shield to prevent your nails from breaking. It can be used by itself or under manicures. 


Nail extensions: 

Soft Gel Nail Extensions plus Correcting Gel to support weaker nails £45.00 Book now

To give added length to your nails with a choice of gel colour to finish. 

Soft Gel Nail Extensions Soak off £20.00 Book now


Amoda Pedicure with Traditional Polish £35.00 Book now

Foot soak, exfoliation, nails cut and filed, cuticles tidied, dry skin treatment with rasp, massage and polish.  


Amoda Deluxe Pedicure £40.00 Book now

All the benefits of our Amoda pedicure, plus foot mask and heated booties for ultimate comfort and softness. 


Amoda Pedicure with Gel Polish on Toenails £44.00 Book now


File & Polish Toes £15.00 Book now 

Nails filed and polished.

Artistic Gel Polish Toes £32.00 Book now

Application of gel polish to toenails. 

Gel Polish Soak Off £15 Book now

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