Smartwave Radio Frequency Treatments• 

A lifting and tightening treatment that strengthens the skin, boosts circulation, drains toxins, improves collagen and helps reduce fluid from around fat cells. The controlled radio waves from our Smartwave machine enter the dermis and trigger our skin to jump into action, combining the relaxation of a beauty treatment with aesthetic long lasting results. 

Results develop over 23 days and can last up to 18 months. If you have a course of treatments, the results can be more powerful and last for longer. This is something we can discuss at your first appointment if we feel it's recommended. 

•Please note: If you have a medical condition or are on medication, please contact us to check suitability before you book a Smartwave appointment. 

Smartwave Signature (1 hour) £70 Book now

Face, neck and décolletage.

Smartwave Mini Lift (30 mins) £45 Book now

Focused on one area of concern- you can choose eyes and forehead or cheeks and jawline.

Smartwave Ultimate (1 hour 30 mins) £130 Book now

Face and body.

Smartwave Body (1 hour) £80 Book now

Body only. 

Aqua Smart Wave (1 hr 15 mins) £120 Book now

Combines the benefits of the Aqua Glow Facial with the Smart Wave Treatment. The ultimate! Deeply cleanses, exfoliates, rebalances, hydrates, strengthens skin barrier and infuses the skin with nutrients, whilst lifting, tightening and boosting your collagen.